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Nesting Objects

  1. Select the objects.
  2. From the Arrange menu, select True Shape Nest.
  3. In DesignCentral, adjust the following parameters:

    Sets the height of the panel into which the objects will be nested.

    Sets the width of the panel into which the objects will be nested.

    Sets the minimum space between objects after nesting.

    Sets the amount of rotation to be applied to the objects while nesting.

    Specifies the number of copies of the nested objects that will be created. If more than 1, the extra copies will be duplicates of the first set of nested objects.

    Compress ratio

    Displays the compression percentage of the current nested area compared to the original unnested area.

    Break text

    Allows text objects to be separated into individual characters before nesting in order to fit the text into a smaller amount of material. If cleared, each text object will be nested as one big object.

    Use holes

    Allows smaller objects to be nested inside the holes of larger objects. (A period might be nested inside the letter O, for example.)

  4. Click Redraw to re-nest the selected objects after making changes.
  5. Click Apply.

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