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Manual Spell Checking

The manual spell checking tool allows you to check your entire design for spelling errors.

  1. From the Text menu, select Check Spelling.
    (Or press F7 on the keyboard.)
    1. From the Language dropdown list, select the correct language.
    2. To spell check a specific part of the text, using a Text tool to select the text before starting manual spell checking. When the Check Spelling dialog box opens, Selection only will be check marked.
    3. Choose Match Case to distinguish between upper- and lowercase.
  2. Select a misspelled word from the Misspelled words list.
  3. To change a word to the correct spelling:
    1. Select the correct word from the Suggested corrections list, or enter the correct word in the Change to field.
    2. Click Change to change this single instance of the misspelled word, or click Change All to change all instances of the misspelled word in the design.
  4. To ignore a word listed as misspelled, click Ignore to ignore this instance of the word, or click Ignore All to ignore all instances of the word in the design.
  5. To add a new word to the custom dictionary list, click Add.
  6. To edit the custom dictionary:
    1. Click Edit List.

      The Edit User Word List dialog box appears.

    2. To add a word to the custom dictionary, type the word in the field below the list and click Add.
    3. To change a word in the custom dictionary, select the word, type the new spelling in the field below the list, and click Change.
    4. To remove a word from the dictionary, select the word and click Remove.
    5. Click Done.
  7. When finished, click Done to end spell checking.

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