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Customizing the Item List

The Estimation Editor allows you to customize your prices to correspond to your normal charges.

  1. From the Edit menu, click Job Estimation.
  2. Select the Estimation Editor tab.
  3. Select the Category type that will be changed.
  4. Adjust the following parameters:

    Built In

    Items and types that are automatically computed based on design information such as color count and editing time.

    Color Printing

    Items and types used in color printing.

    Material Area

    Computes based on the size of the drawing objects.


    Single item and type charges and non-automatic items.


    Computes by item and type based on drawing size.

    Text Size

    Computes by item and type based on the number and size of each character.

  5. You can create a new category by clicking the New button. Clicking Delete will delete a category and all of its items and types.
  6. To create or delete an item or type inside a selected category, click the buttons described below:

    New Item

    Click this button and type the new item name to add a new item to the Item list.

    Delete Item

    Select an item in the Item list and click this button. The item is deleted from the list.

    New Type

    Click this button and enter the new type name to add a new item to the Type list.

    Delete Type

    Select a type in the list and click this button to delete it.

  7. To change a specific item and type, select them from the list and change the following fields:


    Allows you to enter a new default cost per unit for the selected item type.


    Percentage of an item's cost to include a markup for profit margin and to cover the cost of wasted materials.


    Allows you to enter a new minimum charge for the selected item and type. To remove the minimum charge, enter zero (0.00).

    One Time

    Use this option when a particular item will be charged for only one time, independent of the value set in the Quantity field.


    This is the unit of measure by which the row is calculated, such as per inch, square foot, per hour, day, week, or month.

  8. To print a list of all the categories and their items and types:
    1. Click Print.
    2. Select a printer.
    3. Click OK.
  9. Click OK to close the Estimator.

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