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Using Autotrace

Autotrace traces each shape in the bitmap. Adjust the following parameters:

Noise Reduction

Adjusts the amount of noise that is removed during the tracing process. When None is selected, no noise will be removed. Most removes the maximum amount of noise.


Original Image

Traced with Noise reduction set to Less

Traced with Noise reduction set to Most


Adjusts how strongly corners are traced. When None is selected, corners are not recovered. Most recovers the maximum amount of corners.


Specifies the resolution at which an image is traced. You can trace using the Full resolution of an image or 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 of its original resolution. At reduced resolutions the tracing process is quicker and produces fewer points, but the quality will not be as accurate. Optimal selects a resolution based on image size to optimize the traces.


Controls how closely the tracing follows the bitmap being traced. Values are from 0 to 100%. In a high-resolution image, lower values will cause the tracing to follow the bitmap more closely, resulting in jagged edges on the curves. Higher values will produce smoother and more even curves, but some details may be lost.

Corner Style

Adjusts how recovered corners are drawn. Sharp recovers the maximum amount of sharp corners.


Specifies the color of the resulting vector objects.

Reverse Image

Traces white areas.

  1. From the Main toolbar, select the Autotrace tool.
  2. Adjust the tracing parameters in the DesignCentral - Autotrace tab.
  3. To trace the entire bitmap or parts of it:

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