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Using Picture Cut Tracing

The Picture Cut tool applies a striping effect to a bitmap. The process slices the image with a series of horizontal or vertical stripes of varying widths. The stripes will be joined into several groups, each with its own tab, to aid in the weeding process.

Original Image

Vertical stripes created using Picture Cut

Horizontal stripes created using Picture Cut

In the DesignCentral - Picture Cut tab, adjust the following parameters:

Enhance Image

Applies an image enhancement filter before tracing the image.


Changes how dark the finished image comes out.

Number of Stripes

Specifies the number of stripes to be created.


Specifies the resolution at which an image is traced. You can trace using the Full resolution of an image or 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 of its original resolution. At reduced resolutions the tracing process is quicker and produces fewer points, but the quality will not be as accurate. Optimal selects a resolution based on image size to optimize the traces.

Cut Direction

Determines whether the stripes are horizontal or vertical.

Reverse Image

Reverses the dark and light portions of the image.


Sets the color of the resulting vector objects.

  1. From the Main toolbar, select the Picture Cut tool.
  2. Adjust the tracing parameters in the DesignCentral - Picture Cut tab.
  3. To trace the entire bitmap or parts of it:

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