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Adjusting Outlines Using DesignCentral

When outlines are applied to objects, the following attributes can be adjusted in DesignCentral.

Contour Type

Selects the effect type. The options are Outline, Inline, and Contour.

Sets the width of the outline.

Sets the distance between outlines.

Specifies the number of outlines.

Interpolate Color. Lets you to choose between using the same color for each generated outline or creating a "gradient" of colors for each outline.


Outlines with same color

Gradient Outlines

Allows you to create a backing behind the original object or leave it transparent. This option is only available when the Offset Distance between outlines is zero.

Specifies the outline color.

Selects the appropriate Join Type option to specify how corners will be outlined.


Round Join Type

Bevel Join Type

Miter Join Type

Miter Limit. Controls the sharpness of the corners.

Selects the appropriate Cap Type option to specify how open paths will be outlined.


Round Cap Style

Square Cap Style

Butt Cap Style

Keep Original

When checked, the original object will be retained with the outline. When cleared, only the outline will be retained. The original object will be deleted.

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