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Engrave Dialog Box - Options Tab

The Options tab allows you to set a number of options for engraving jobs.

1. Send all tools group box

2. Cut lines group box

3. Driver options group box

Send all tools

Check to engrave all tools and select how each tool will be processed.


Single Job

The job is sent as a single file and processed using the same panel size for all tools.


Multiple Jobs

A separate job file is created for each tool but they are still processed using the same panel size for all tools.


Pause between tools

Check to enable Production Manager to prompt you to insert the next tool for each tool change. This option can only be selected when Send all tools is checked.

Cut lines

Cuts a rectangle around each serialized copy or between serialized objects.


Cut lines between copies

For a single object, Cut lines will engrave a border.

For multiple objects, Cut lines will engrave a border around each copy. These lines do not overlap.


Panel margin

For a single object, Panel margin sets the amount of space between cut lines.

For multiple copies, Panel margin sets the amount of space between cut lines.



Opens the Tool dialog box. You can choose a tool name, change Depth, Stepdown and Clearance. (See "Tool Options" to the right for more information.)

Pause between sheets

Selects whether Production Manager should pause after each sheet is processed, allowing you to load the material and align Registration Marks after each sheet.

Automatic registration marks

For long plate / wide plate jobs, the software creates a dot on each tile, which will assist in aligning the final output. After each tile is processed, use the created Registration Mark to line the tile up with the top-left corner of the engraver.

See Tiling All Copies Individually for more information.


1. Automatic Registration Marks

Optimize path order

Optimizes the order in which the engraver moves from one path to the next to reduce engraving time.

Driver Options

Shows the tools used for the job and allows you to suppress output and set engraving parameters for the machine.



Allows you to adjust engraving parameters for Before job, After Job and Macro. (See Engraver Driver Options for more information.)

End position points allow you to specify where the engraver will return at the end of the job.

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