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Tool Options

Tool options allow you to set tool parameters.

  1. From the Engrave dialog box - Options tab, click Tool.
  2. Adjust the following parameters:

    Tool name

    Displays the tool name selected.

    Specify depth

    Check to enter values that will override the engraver settings.



    Specifies the total depth the tool will engrave.



    Specifies how deeply the tool will engrave on each pass to ensure that the tool does not remove too much material.



    First, Last or Both

    Sets additional Stepdown values for First, Last or Both passes. You can specify how deeply you want the tool to engrave on each pass.

    1. Total Depth: 1 in.

    2. First Pass (Optional)

    3. Stepdown

    4. Stepdown remainder

    5. Last pass (Optional)



    Sets the amount of space the tool lifts between paths.

  3. Click OK.

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