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Adding New Setups

  1. From the Setup menu, select Add Setup.

  2. Select the type of device you want to set up.

    Vinyl cutters are only supported as part of a "virtual hybrid." See Contour Cutting and Virtual Hybrid Output for more information.

  3. Select the brand name and model name of the output device from the lists and click Next.

  4. Edit the setup name. This name also acts as the default hot folder name.
  5. Check Yes, Install the desktop driver to make the device available as a standard printer to other programs on your computer.

    To print to this device from a different Windows PC or a Macintosh running OS X, you must install a desktop driver for the printer.

  6. Select the type of port the output device uses for communication. If necessary, edit the communications settings for the chosen port. See Editing Setup Properties for more information.

    If TCP/IP is available for the network output device, use TCP/IP. If not, you should choose LPR.

  7. Click Finish.

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