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Linked and Embedded Files

When importing bitmap, EPS, or PostScript files, you can link or embed the file into your document. A link is a connection between the document and the original file.

Embedded object

An embedded object is stored in your document. Once a file is embedded, there is no longer a connection between it and the original file. Hence, changes to the original are not reflected in the embedded object.

Linked object

When objects are linked, only a reference to the image file is stored in the document; the image information remains in the original file. If the image file is changed, those changes will also appear in the document. Linking is recommended for color printing because it preserves the attributes of the original image file.

PostScript files often contain an optional preview graphic. When you link or embed a PostScript file, the preview graphic will be displayed in your document. If the PostScript file does not contain a preview, an "X" will be displayed instead.

Embedded PostScript files will automatically be converted into the equivalent drawing objects from the software, at which point they can be displayed and edited like any other object.




PostScript File

Embedded Bitmap 01

Embedded Bitmap

Linked PostScript




With Preview

Embedded PostScript

Linked PostScript



PostScript File

Without Preview

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