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Adjusting Radiant Stripes Using DesignCentral

When radiant stripes are applied to objects, the following attributes can be adjusted in DesignCentral:


Indicates the currently selected stripe type. Other options are Circular and Gradient.

Specifies the number of stripes on the objects.

Determines the percentage of the image to be covered with stripes (0 to 100%). This value changes the width of the stripes, but not the number.


Radiant Per Cent: 20%

Radiant Per Cent: 50%

Radiant Per Cent: 80%

X: Y:

Sets the X,Y coordinates of the point from which the stripes radiate.

The point selected on this grid will be the point from which the stripes radiate.


Bottom Left corner


Middle Right

Sets the angle of the stripes.


Angle: 0 degrees

Angle: 30 degrees

Angle: 45 degrees

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