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Cut/Plot Dialog Box - Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab allows you to set advanced options specific to cutting jobs.

The following options can be adjusted in this dialog box:

Convert strokes to outlines

Selects whether the strokes will be cut separately as objects.

Plot dimensions and labels

Selects whether the labels and dimensions created with the Measure Tool will be cut or plot.


Removes intersections of overlapping objects of the same color.


Specifies the amount of overlap between objects of different colors.


If selected, when the software is cutting around closed curves, it will continue cutting around the curve a second time, for a specified distance. This ensures that the curve is cut out completely.

Optimize cutting order

When this option is not selected, the objects are cut or plot in the order they were created. When selected, the software processes the objects within the specified section of length before moving to the next section.

Pause between pages

Selects whether the Production Manager should pause after each page is processed, allowing you to load the media after each page.

Cut page crossings

Cuts the borderline of a page when the output is tiled into several pages.

Apply copy spacing between pages

Separates pages, tiles and panels using the amount of space specified for spacing out copies in the Copies group on the General tab.

Automatic registration marks

Adds small rectangles to the corners of each layer to aid in positioning each piece.

If you want to use the automatic registration marks to align different colored objects to each other, either the panel size must be identical for all layers, or you must use Send All Colors with the single panel option enabled.

Fill plot

Allows you to define the angle and pen width for fill plot.

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