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Cut/Plot Dialog Box - Options Tab

The Options tab allows you to set a number of commonly used options for cutting jobs.


Adjust the following parameters:

Send all colors

Check this option to process each color separately. When checked, you can select how each color will be processed:


Single panel, single job

Sends the job as a single file and processes it using the same panel size for all colors.




Single panel, separate jobs

Creates a separate job file for each color and processes them using the same panel size for all colors.





Separate panels, separate jobs

Creates a separate job file for each color, but allows you to define the panel size for each separately.


Pause between colors

Selects whether the Production Manager should pause after processing each color, allowing you to change the pen or the media. (This option is only available when Send all colors is checked.)

Weed border

Cuts a border with the specified Panel margin around all objects in the selected color.

Horizontal weed lines

Adds weed lines between lines of text (or objects).

Horizontal split lines

Adds horizontal lines that run down the center of the rows of text, but do not cut the text. The split lines are interrupted where they cross the text.

For customized weeding, you can right-click anywhere in the Preview Area to manually add or delete horizontal split lines.

Vertical weed lines

Adds weedlines between characters (or objects).

Vertical split lines

Adds vertical lines that run through characters but do not cut the text. The split lines are interrupted where they cross the text.

For more customized weeding, you can manually add or delete vertical split lines by right-clicking anywhere in the Preview Area.

Easy weed

Cuts a weeding border within the specified weeding margin around each object in your design.

Weeding margin

Sets the distance between the objects and the weeding border.

Cutter driver options

This set of controls allows you to set a number of cutter-related output options, such as cutting speed and pressure. Different cutter options can be specified for each color in the design.

To edit the cutter driver options for a given color, select the color in the list and click Edit. (See "Setting Cutter Driver Options" below for more information.)

Check Use same driver options for all colors to force all of the colors to use the same cutter driver options.

To disable a color from being output, click on the knife icon to the left of the color. A red X will appear over the knife icon, indicating that it will not be cut. To re-enable the color to be output, click on it again to clear the red X.

Advance after plot

Advances the media and resets the origin.


Defines the number of times that the blade will cut the same path. Set this option if you are using thick or hard media that can't be cut in a single pass.

Total size

Displays the total size of the job. This option cannot be edited.

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